Blindsight Enters Partnership With Cnib Foundation

Blind-friendly smartwatch startup teams up with international non-profit

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Today, we’re proud to announce that Blindsight, Inc. has officially partnered with the CNIB Foundation to accelerate the development, testing, and distribution of our novel smartwatch for the blind.

For the 285 million visually impaired individuals across the world, lack of accessibility is a real and pressing problem. With our cutting-edge technology and CNIB’s wide-ranging network, however, we are confident that we can change this reality for the better.

CNIB is a Canadian non-profit organization that is a global leader in delivering services to individuals who are blind and visually impaired. For the past hundred years, CNIB’s mission has been “to change what [it] means to be blind through innovative programs and powerful advocacy.”

Here at Blindsight, our goal has always been to leverage new technologies to assist and empower the visually impaired. Because of this, we’re especially excited to partner with an organization whose values align so closely with our own.

Through this partnership, our company objective is to accelerate progress towards a market-ready prototype. We’ve spent the past several months working on our smartwatch, and I’m very excited to finally start getting the product into the hands (and onto the wrists) of users for testing and evaluation. As we reach the distribution stage in the not-so-distant future, you can expect to see our smartwatch rolling onto the shelves of CNIB’s 50+ stores throughout Canada.

I have high hopes for what’s next for Blindsight, and I’m looking forward to making our vision of self-empowerment a reality.

Until next time,

Jaiveer Singh


Blindsight, Inc.

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